Top Five Wednesday: New Kids on The Block (DC)

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So much to do, so much to see. Next week is Christmas and it feels like there are a ton of errands that must be completed before then. First on the list is to check out all these new places that have come to the District. As the restaurant scene gets really hectic in the area, we have to keep ourselves (*and our readers) up to speed on what’s here to stay and what might be headed down the CPK road. Now today’s list was not compiled based on our visits, this is simply a list of places that are new. There, you have our disclaimer…now for the business of the day: Today’s Top Five are “The New Kids On the Block”. Check it:

1. Ping Pong Dim SumOk, so we did stop by here for a media event. This is the exception on our list. Ping Pong could easily stand on our first round draft pick list of newbies to the area, but we need one more visit. Our first visit was quite pleasing…savory seafood and wonton soup with just the right hint of tomato but not overpowering, inviting crisp prawn balls (*shrimp) and the griddled spinach & mushroom dumplings have our mouths watering for more. We need one more try at the pot, just to make sure it wasn’t a hoax…this has happened to us before (*restaurant shall remain nameless…)…

2. Restaurant Ris– Rumor mill says this is the new rest haven for comfort food…

3. Kellari TavernaHmm, a friend stopped by here recently (*last Friday) and was at first thrown off by the service (*Hmm…) but later said how impressive the management handled the problematic issues. Despite the service, this friend gave a big thumbs up to the food. Anybody up for Greek??

4. Cork Wine Market– The number of Tweets from area foodies the day this market opened has probably ran a close second to the Tiger Woods scandal. No, not really (*smile*) but it is supposed to be the new go-to spot for good wines, cheeses and other foodie knick knacks.

5. The Passenger– The new cocktail spot of the District. Think, the Gibson but waayy more casual. Hearing mixed reviews on the cocktails but don’t judge until you’ve tried it yourself is JKGF’s motto.

We could probably continue this list into next week’s Top Five because the list has become quite long. With that being said, this shall be continued (*maybe not next week, but definitely in the future…).
*Image is Ping Pong Dim Sum’s Steamed Vegetable Bun

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