Johnna’s Pick of the Week: The Gibson (D.C.)

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Now Johnna Knows Good Food hasn’t done this in awhile, but we decided it is time for upgrades to “Johnna’s Pick of the Week”…what are we talking about?? Typically for “Johnna’s Pick of the Week” we choose a restaurant. When we first started (*Please see earlier post circa November 2007;-), one week we would choose a “Pick of the Week” based on one thing and the next week something else i.e. best spot for sweets or food, drinks And dancing.

Now we are taking it back to those days with our newest Pick of the Week…The Gibson. Ode to the days of the dimly lit classy cocktail lounge where waist coats were everywhere and quality bourbon was had by many…(*without the smoke…no smoking permitted indoors in D.C. lounges unless of course, you’re at, Ozios…). The Gibson makes you feel like you’re going to this secret society spot where you need a key to get in (*think Bungalow 8 New York circa about 3 or some odd years ago…) and if you don’t know how to get the key, you’re not going to get in.

Well, JKGF was on the scene on a Friday night only to find out just how exclusive The Gibson is to the rest of the nightlife scene in the District. Well, where do we start:

1. Do not and we repeat do not show up if you don’t have a reservation…we waited a total 1 hour with this mistake.

2. NO standing room only:-) This lounge seats everyone that comes in. How awesome to be able to finally go out and not have every third person reaching over your shoulder as you sit and try to enjoy a drink at the bar with a friend or two?!?

3. The bartenders here should have a different name…it’s as if they are to bartending as shopping at Giant is to shopping at Balducci’s, a nice upgrade;-) and

4. The Bouncer. He is quite a character, you almost feel like you’re about to be apart of some 007 scene, with his laid back, casual demeanor…

All in all, The Gibson is U streets newest gem that you must enter 2 doors to get in on the goods of this small cocktail lounge (48-seat space).

What we didn’t care for??

1. The wait was a bit much. If you put your name on the wait list they will text you on your cell when a table or bar stool is available (*so you better make sure you have a good cell phone provider…we saw someone promptly get turned away when they arrived outside the 10 minute grace period you have once they send the text)

2. You have to book pretty far in advance to get a seat…so you need to know by Monday whether cocktails is on your agenda for Friday…;-)

What you should try?? Any and everything! The bartenders can make you whatever fits your mood, if it’s not already on The Gibson’s menu… we love, love, love the Mai Tai’s (*after 2, we felt the buzz…)

The Money: Cocktails range from $8-$16.

The Metro: U st./Cardozo

The Where: Now here’s the tricky part, pay close attention to the address because if not, you will literally walk right past it…2009 14th. st. NW Washington, D.C. 20009 (202) 232-2156

*Note to self: The Gibson is not for groups of more than 4…it’s for that intimate time you’re trying to spend.

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