World Tour: Jamaica Pt. II – Ciao Jamaica!

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So I cash in my United Airlines points, get my flight, go allll the way to Jamaica and yes, I indulge in the native dishes of Jamaica – the jerk, the callaloo, the ackee and salt fish (which by the way is the national dish), and yes I get blown away by the bold, memorable flavors. I also get blown away by Italian – that’s right Italian cuisine served up in Jamaica that absolutely blew me away! My boyfriend and I came across Ciao Jamaica – this quaint Italian restaurant in Negril, Jamaica. The incorporated key Jamaican themes into Italian dishes and the outcome was amazing!

“Rasta Lasagna” – Lasagna baked with callaloo for a Jamaican twist

"Rasta Lasagna" ©JohnnaKnowsGoodFood

Jerk Sausage Pizza – Made with sliced jerk sausage for a Jamaican twist

Jerk Sausage Pizza ©JohnnaKnowsGoodFood


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